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DIY recording technique.
post-punk skater-surf instrumental rock & pedal steel country.

Stan Tangeman & Scott Fujawa | 2016

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Discography, Videos

From the Vault, Circa 2000: Have You Seen Sam?


Fawn & Bisquit Album


Kolob Album

Kolob Videos:

Scott Fujawa & Bill Evans | Stan Tangeman | 2012


Tel Aviv Album

Video: Daydream Number Seven

2010: A 45
A Proper Funeral Song (Make it Last)

2009: Dekade II: An album of new and old BluKomet

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Big Sur from Jason Rothe on Vimeo

08er, a movie


Scott Fujawa | Stan Tangeman | 2006

some MP3s from 2003-4 Singles:

Paddle in Deep, with S.Gibson aka Piedmont
Midlife... (with lyrics)

BetaPunks MP3 vinyl recordings straight off the needle:

Side-A, Song 1. Early Edition Skateboard
Side-A, Song 2. Found
Side-B, Song 1. Blizzard of '78 (Cabin Fever)
Side-B, Song 2. San Antone

Older Blukomet Albums:
Betapunks, vinyl, 2000.

BluKomet's Greatest Hits, 8-track tape, 2001.

Betapunks, CD from the vinyl, 2001.

Southern Pacific, 1999.

Scott Fujawa | Stan Tangeman | 1999

BlueKomet (EP), 1998.

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